Enterprises See Prospects in Mobile App Development

enterprise mobile app development


Knowingly or unknowingly, enterprises are shifting towards mobility and BYOD like environment. Mobile apps are delivering hopes for the brighter future and game changing for the enterprises, as once the Internet proved.


Enterprises have digitalized their business processes, services, and marketing well before and their solutions are running in intranet as well as on the Internet using mostly desktops and laptops.


Data security, privacy and data safety are some of the prime concerns for the enterprises to open their network to the public. They would like to see everything under their firewalls and under controls.

Significance of Mobility 

technologyWith the onset of mobile era, enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and demands for BYOD adoption adding more. Now, enterprises have recognized the importance of mobility solutions and its future. Therefore, they are looking for the solutions beyond the intranet or firewalled Internet for security and safety in mobility.

Spending on Mobile App Development

Therefore, the majorities of enterprises have started spending on mobile app development and other Intelligent Business Process Management Suites with a great zeal. Today, according to a survey, enterprises are spending 34% budget on mobile application development. They are spending 27% on the managed services, 22% on ERP implementations while cloud services rob off 20% share of the total expenditure on IT and digital solutions.

However, only 30% time mobile app developer devoting to the frontend development while backend eats the rests of time for integrations, security, and quality maintenance through various measures.

Cloud Adoption computer

The positive sign for the modern enterprises is the cloud adoption, as more than 80% have adopted the meaningful cloud services for their processes. As cloud services are available everywhere and at any time, it has pushed the BYOD trends further in the enterprise landscape.

Security Concerns in Mobile App Development

Being the security a prime concern for the enterprises their in-house or offshore mobile app development teams are focusing more on data encryption. Enterprises turning on centralized management solutions mix up with BYOD.

Their app developers are busy in updating and troubleshooting the databases. They are working hard on remote wiping of data and locking down of features to enhance the security and facing challenges.

Affirmative Scenario of Mobile App Adoptions by Enterprises

  • In 2012, only 8% usage of mobile browsers had recorded. Today it stands at 33% and the same trends will continue in near future too
  • By 2017, BYOD environment will gulp approx. $181 billion investment
  • By 2020, the annual figure of enterprise mobility business will touch $140 billion
  • By 2017, app download will reach more than 268 billion times
  • Today mobile app developers are crossing the mark of 1.3 billion in numbers
  • 700% increase observed in custom app development for enterprises
  • 500% increase found in mobile CRM solutions

Therefore, more than 70% IT professional believe that mobile apps will change the scenario of businesses and their processes in coming years as once the Internet had done in 1990s.

Looking for the Substitutes of Native Apps

Enterprises know the mobile app development using the native platforms is a costly and time-consuming affair today, but it is inevitable due to inability of other alternatives to offer native-like experiences at greater degree.

However, innovations in cross-platform mobile app development technologies offer promises to rise trends towards wrapped web apps. Recently, Ionic Framework like Angular JS depending cross-platforms are offering almost similar simulations of the native mobile experiences by accessing hardware and software capabilities for mobile web apps.

Progressive Web App development is another promising future for the enterprises to convert their mobile friendly websites into full-fledged mobile application gradually with active permission and for the sake of extensive personalization.

These all are giving the positive signs of a bright future of mobile app development and mobility solutions in coming days for the small to large enterprises. However, hiring in-house mobile app development team and investing on the app development infrastructure for each coming change in the technologies are not worthy investment at all.

Therefore, Addon Solutions like enterprise-grade mobility solution providers and Mobile App Development Company may prove cost-effective as well as long-term development partner for several enterprises across the world.


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